22nd May 2024

The wisdom of Astrology – an 8 week beginners course with Sue Brayne

Price: £15 per week for 8 weeks (£120 in total) with the option to pay in interest-free instalments

The Wisdom Space is delighted to host another beginner’s course in astrology with Sue Brayne – this time online with an in-person gathering in Bradford on Avon at the end of the course.

“Sue’s Astrology course was amazing… Her hand out notes were excellent and I know I will always have those as a source of valuable information.

“It has given me a deeper understanding of my own personal astrological road map too. What to work on, aspire to and look out for.

“That in itself has been invaluable. Sue made the whole experience interactive and fun using our own charts within the group as a tool for learning,” said one Wisdom of Astrology student, May 2023

During the 8 week course you will learn:

  • how the four elements and astrological modes influence the way we interact with life
  • how the 12 astrological houses represent different areas in your life
  • how the 10 planets represent different archetypes that play out in your life
  • about the importance of the Ascendent, Sun, and Moon placements
  • how to read the essentials of your own chart, and, when you have built a little confidence, how to read for others.

The ancient wisdom of Astrology is so much more than a sun sign astrological column. Astrology dates back thousands of years and has been practiced by some of the greatest minds – perhaps the most famous being Swiss psychiatrist Carl Jung.

Jung understood that your astrology chart represents a unique map of your unconscious potential, and if you learn how to tap into this, life becomes creative and bountiful.


the event will take place online via Zoom from 6pm to 7.30pm every week on Tuesday starting on the 9 April 2024 and ending on the 28 May 2024.

We are also inviting all participants to an optional group gathering in Bradford on Avon at the end of the course as we celebrate what we have learnt together and deepen the connections we will have already made on the course.

Course leader

Sue has been studying astrology for past 30 years. During lockdown she decided it was time to formalise her knowledge by studying with the Faculty of Astrological Studies and is currently working towards gaining a Diploma in Astrological Studies with the FAS. Sue has a busy astrological practice based in Bradford on Avon and contributes regular articles and interviews to the Astrological Journal.

“Astrology is a Language. If you understand this language, the sky speaks to you,” Dane Rudhyar.

This event is running from 20 December 2023 until 22 May 2024. It is next occurring on 22nd May 2024 6:00 pm