2nd April 2024

“Wisdom of the Herd” with Nina Leijerstam from Track Clinic

Price: £15 suggested donation

Horses are masters of flow; living in harmony for the benefit of the collective and in deep authentic connection with each other. No wonder they’ve survived as a species for over 55 million years. They have so much to teach us about our own flow states and emotional intelligence and represent so many aspects of our psychological, physiological and spiritual needs. While we don’t think about horses as healing, they have been used as medical treatment since the second century and many studies have since shown their impact on mental health, emotional and behavioural change, and overall wellbeing.

To explore this equine wisdom, we welcomeNina Leijerstam, Equine Assisted Coach and Founder of Track Clinic. Track Clinic is a local social enterprise founded to help people live more consciously; with deeper awareness of our interconnection and attuned to the healing insights of animals and the natural world. Nina will have you captivated with stories about how the horses have transformed lives and will invite you to try a series of intuitive experiential exercises revealing your ability to relate to your own collective – in body, mind and soul – just like horses. Sadly no horses will be attending this event but there will be plenty of pictures of them in action. For those interested in finding out more, we’ll be organising a Wisdom Space trip to visit Track Clinic to experience the wisdom of the herd in person.

“In their eyes, we find solace and our troubles melt away; in their presence, we find sanctuary and our spirits soar.”
Patricia Atchison, The Power of Horses

Suggested donation of £15 which includes a complimentary drink on arrival and, of course, a very warm welcome. The Wisdom Space is a community interest company run as a not-for-profit. This suggested donation covers our costs and helps to fund a bursary for those unable to otherwise join our events and to support community projects. If the suggested donation is unaffordable for you at the moment, do get in touch as we offer concessionary spaces at all of our events.

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  • Venue: Little Rituals
    7 Silver Street, Bradford on Avon, BA15 1JY