5th March 2024

“The Wisdom of slow fashion” with Vishal Tolambia from Humanity Centred Designs

Price: £Suggested donation of £15 which includes a complimentary drink on arrival

We all want to look good but at what cost? Clothes have never been cheaper and our wardrobes have never been fuller. The UK is at the epicentre of fast fashion in Europe with the average person owning 115 items of clothing, buying 27kh of new clothes every year and never wearing 1 in 4 items in their wardrobe (Wrap, Greenpeace).

Join us as we delve into the truth about fashion and meet Vishal Tolambia – an award-winning fashion designer, sustainability researcher and founder of Humanity Centred Designs with flagship shops in Bath and London. Vishal is shaking up the fashion industry with his pioneering approach to sustainable and ethical textiles and has created the world’s first recycled fabric using entirely pre-consumer textile waste.

“Buy less, choose well, make it last.
Vivienne Westwood.

Suggested donation of £15 which includes a complimentary drink on arrival and, of course, a very warm welcome. The Wisdom Space is a community interest company run as a not-for-profit. This suggested donation covers our costs and helps to fund a bursary for those unable to otherwise join our events and to support community projects. We are grateful for ALL donations, however big or small so please donate whatever you can afford. We want these to be accessible for people on-going regardless of circumstances.