9th June 2024

Should we be afraid of wasps?

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Join ecologist, entomologist, journalist and broadcaster Dr Ben Aldiss for an illustrated talk all about wasps!

What use are wasps? Discover why they sting and most importantly, how to avoid being stung! Dr Ben will share how he found their alarm pheromone and how it works. Find out about the amazing abilities of wasps, the biggest species and the giant wasps’ nests of Florida and New Zealand.

About Dr Ben Aldiss

Ben Aldiss researched chemical communication in British social wasps for his PhD and discovered their alarm pheromone. After a short spell as an officer in the Royal Navy, he became a teacher and lecturer. He has taught at every level in the National Curriculum, from Reception and Year 1 to Year 13 inclusive. He was also a lecturer on a Conservation Management degree at an agricultural college and an Associate Lecturer in Animal Physiology for the Open University. For eight years he was an expert adviser in Biodiversity and Education for the Heritage Lottery Fund, and was Nature Correspondent for The European newspaper.’