BiBO Studio

We’re a small design-led practice. We started in 2018 with a wild idea that the people designing buildings and cities should be as diverse as the people who live in them. It meant we had to question “traditional” architectural practice, because “traditional” architects simply aren’t diverse, and the impacts of this on every-day design, such as housing and public realm, are becoming increasingly apparent.

BiBO = Better in, Better out. They say you’re only as good as your weakest link… so we focus on our staff. We keep them happy, and work on projects that make them jump out of bed on Monday morning because that’s the type of enthusiasm our clients deserve.

We avoid talking too much about our “sectors” of work because we like working with interesting people, on interesting projects – whatever form that takes.

Our promise to ourselves, our clients, and the people who will one day occupy our places is to practice with curiosity, integrity and joy. We’ll question whether there is a better solution, we won’t design things we wouldn’t live/work/play in ourselves, and we’ll have a bit of fun along the way.