7th June 2022

Wisdom Space – Help! How do I shop ethically for food these days?

Price: £Suggested minimum donation of £10. The ticket price includes a glass of wine or soft drink on arrival and a very warm welcome.

Buying food responsibly is such a minefield. We’re bombarded with messages about what is healthy, sustainable, and ethical. But often it’s hard to know the truth behind the marketing. It’s also hard to choose between buying local vs. organic vs. in sustainable packaging when many products don’t tick all of these boxes. And, when faced with higher prices, it’s hard to know if we’re paying for the ethical branding or whether we’re actually paying the true cost of creating a nutritious food item that reduces its impact on the planet.

Fortunately for Bradford on Avon, we have our very own resident expert Christine Giles who runs the brilliant Christine’s Sustainable Supermarket right in the centre of town. For the past 14 years, Christine has dedicated herself to buying and selling a huge range of sustainable groceries and provisions. In fact, she was recently voted the second most ethical supermarket in the UK by Ethical Consumer Magazine after Riverford. So, bring your questions and concerns about anything to do with how you can feed yourself and your families more ethically and sustainably. This promises to be a lively and eye-opening session that may change your life!