4th October 2022

“The Wisdom of good listening” with Sue Brayne and Tessa Stacey

Price: £Suggested minimum donation of £10 which includes a glass of wine or soft drink on arrival and a very warm welcome. The Wisdom Space is a community interested company and we want to make these events as accessible as possible. We are grateful for all donations, however big or small.

What does it feel like when someone talks at you, tries to fix you, talks over you, or starts to lecture you? How does it feel when someone interrupts you and starts to tell you about their experience instead? How does it feel when someone pauses and gives you their full and present attention, free of judgement or advice?

One of the great gifts we can give each other is to listen, but few of us know how to do this. This practical good listening skills session is a golden opportunity to learn simple, yet deeply effective skills that can transform relationships with your partner, children, friends, and work colleagues. You will learn how to listen to yourself, recognise when you have stopped listening to someone else because of your own internal agenda, and how to create a safe, open, and receptive space for honest conversations to take place.

The session is led by Sue Brayne who has trained numerous people, including therapists and counsellors, in good listening skills, and Tessa Stacey, a group therapist with specialised training in Non-Violent Communication.