3rd December 2021

Rooster Talks: Be Curious, Be Creative – with Andrew Eberlin

Price: £ Free

Steve Jobs once said (to paraphrase) that new ideas are merely a new combination of old concepts. Our ability to see connections between them – to join the disparate dots – is what fuels creativity. To be creative, we have to be curious.

In December’s Rooster Talk, Andrew Eberlin will offer an explanation of creativity and why we all have the potential to be creative. He will show you examples of where to go when you want to be inspired. How to borrow ideas, mix them up and make something new. He’ll include pearls of wisdom from advertising, comedy, science, fashion, music, photography and a nun.

Andrew Eberlin started Brighter Side in 2006 and doubts the business would still be going if he hadn’t maintained his curiosity in new ideas and technology.

Join us in the Club Room at Glove Factory Studios for December’s Rooster Talk. Free entry with coffee and pastries on the house from Wild Herb at The Field Kitchen.