Lockdown Window Exhibition

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The National Lockdown announced in January spelled disaster for market towns across the UK, with local businesses being forced to forfeit profits once again. There is a growing sense of urgency among locals to make up the shortfall, but what can really be done?

The Tithe Barn Gallery and Workshops in Bradford-on-Avon think they’ve found a solution. They will be hosting a small window-displayed exhibition where visitors can view local wares in a safe, socially distanced environment.

The exhibition will include work from local glassmakers, painters and potters, and will have a weekly rotation of products for locals to enjoy on their daily walks. Galleries taking part include SerenArts, Great Panes and Stone Paper Scissors, but all the galleries in the group have interesting windows – so pop down and have a look.

The initiative was thought up by local artist and winner in the BBC Wildlife Artist Competition’s Tanya Achilleos Lock, owner of the Corner Gallery. “The idea came from seeing all those rainbows in the windows. I thought, why can’t a similar thing be done to support local artists.”

Some of the art is from private collections and shows paintings that have won BBC Wildlife Artist awards, also one week there will be a presentation of the artwork for the Royal Mail commissioned stamps, and every week all windows will show work from local artist, to make walking interesting in gloomy winter.

It goes to prove the old proverb: “When one door closes, another window opens”.

Would you like your business to take part? 

Find out more by visiting the Lockdown Exhibition Facebook 

Or download the window sign here



This event finished on 15 March 2021