2nd October 2019

Industry, Architecture, The Hall and Bradford-on-Avon – a Talk by Colin Johns

Price: £10 per person plus small Eventbrite fee

A web search today provides the “beautiful” view of Bradford on Avon with descriptions of fine architecture and landscape, and as “a small market town not to be missed on a visit to the West Country”. This may be the popular view but there is another story to tell at the heart of Bradford on Avon.

The architecture is indeed remarkable but fine architecture comes from aspiration backed by strong financial resources, skill and enterprise. Location and landscape tell their own story. The present day Bradford on Avon is a lasting monument to those who have contributed to its development or fought for its survival. It is, or was, described by archaeologists as one of the most completely preserved industrial towns of the C17 and C18 in the South West of England.

Bradford on Avon has enjoyed long periods of prosperity from the wool, stone and more recently the rubber industry. This is the story of the industrial town and the way it has adapted to change

Colin Johns has extensive knowledge both of the Hall estate and Bradford-on-Avon and its history.

The setting for this talk will be the historic study (on the ground floor) at The Hall, Bradford on Avon.

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  • Venue: The Hall
    Holt Road, Bradford on Avon, Wiltshire, BA15 1AJ
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