5th October 2021

Helping children to develop their inner wisdom & resilience

Price: £Suggested minimum donation of £10. The ticket price includes a glass of wine or soft drink on arrival and a very warm welcome.

Join us for a monthly Wisdom Space event with Jacqui Cameron. Jacqui is an emotional well-being therapist, mindfulness teacher, life coach and award winning author. She has been promoting child development for over thirty-five years.

During her talk, Jacqui will be sharing her own wisdom and insights of how we can support children to develop emotional awareness and manage their emotions. This is a key skill for children at any age as they navigate the inevitable changes and transitions into adulthood but perhaps even more so during the formative first five or six years of life, when a child is particularly sensitive to their own innate wisdom. Through a combination of stories, examples, and the opportunity to experience guided imagery, Jacqui will demonstrate how we can support our children to trust their inner wisdom and develop greater emotional wellbeing.

Find out more about Jacqui by visiting her website Stay Calm.

The Wisdom Space is a not-for-profit community interest company based in Bradford on Avon which aims to create more conscious, compassionate and connected communities. All of our events are a suggested minimum donation only to make sure we’re accessible to all.