17th February 2022

Dance Classes for school aged children

Price: £ £4

In our fun and relaxed dance classes for children in Bradford on Avon, we aim to build confidence and develop movement skills. Creativity is encouraged and we love to try the children’s dance ideas! We include Ballet, Contemporary and Jazz in our curriculum and use lots of different music styles and themes to allow the children’s imagination to flourish. We are maintaining social distancing and working to keep everybody as covid-safe as possible. We can’t wait to see you!

3:45pm Reception Dance
4:20pm Year 1 Dance
4:55pm Year 2 & 3 Dance

In January and February, our theme is the Snow Queen where a young girl goes on a frozen adventure and learns that love is the strongest magic of all. The hope is that this theme will coincide with some snowfall as has happened in previous years (Fingers Crossed!) and also link to Valentine’s Day!

On a child’s first lesson to the term’s theme, they will be given all the props that they need for the term and ask please that they are brought to every class. Children can wear whatever they would like to and the only requirement is that it is clean on that day and there is something on the feet, such as ballet shoes, house slippers, gripped socks etc. Hair must be tied back from the face with a hairband/ hair clips etc away from the mouth.