Calm minds yoga

Price: £7/£8

We have two sessions on a Wednesday:

6.30pm -7.30pm & 7.40pm – 8.40pm

A yoga class open to all levels. This class brings a balance of yin and yang; a Hatha flow combined with the stillness of a yin practice to help bring balance and calm to the body and mind. Focusing on connecting the breath, movement and then finding peace in the stillness, the body and mind are both challenged and relaxed.

This class is designed so that each student is able to find a place where they feel connected with themselves and at ease. It is not about pushing ourselves beyond our limits but about feeling our edge and being present in that moment. In this place, we find balance and self-acceptance.

I encourage you to feel where you are in at each moment and allow the mind’s chatter to begin to calm whilst you breathe focus on your breath.

A Hatha flow will allow the body to move, strengthen and the energy to flow whilst yin will encourage the energy to nourish the joints and organs whilst the mind settles and the breath calms.

We use props to help create comfort and encourage students to bring blankets and comfortable clothes to support this.

A combination of both yin and yang asanas bring a lovely, nourishing balance to a yoga practice.

This event finished on 16 October 2019