26th May 2019

Bradford on Avon Secret Gardens

Price: £6 - Under 14's Free

Bradford on Avon is certainly a great place full of many visible treasures; historic buildings, magnificent churches and chapels, areas rich in flora and fauna, fascinating alleyways and quirky corners but there are also the less obvious treasures in the form of some of its inhabitants and their wonderful hidden gardens.

These generous characters, work hard in their gardens every spring in preparation for the annual secret garden events and many of them have been doing so for the past thirty five years. For the benefit of a local community and worthy causes, they open their gates and allow residents and visitors to discover what lies beyond them.

Visitors get to discover places they would never have known existed and see gardens that vary from magnificent spaces with beautiful lawns, shrubs and sculptures, to neat or quirky gardens with carefully planned flowerbeds or vegetable patches. Not only do visitors get to see the beauty of the gardens and surrounding views but the scent of flowers such as: roses, jasmine, lavender, honeysuckle and rosemary will tantalise their old factory system and the scrumptious teas and cakes on offer stimulate their taste buds.

Tickets available online until Saturday the 25th and from Made in Bradford (located in Lamb Yard) on Saturday and Sunday before the event and Explore BoA Information Centre on the day.