13th May 2022

Beyond Curious

Price: £50.00

This is the first Beyond Curious event. In typical Bradford on Avon style, indpendentlty created by a group of curiously minded people. An amalgamation of the DO Lectures, TedX and the Intersting Conference mixed up with our ideas.

Beyond Curious is a celebration of interesting ideas, new curiosities and people getting to know each other better. Short talks with an eclectic range of topics from culture to colours, and from writing to wasps.

In total: five hours of entertainment and enlightenment.

Plus: delicious food and drink, and a lively chatty atmosphere.

Ticket to include: Speakers (2.30-7pm) Coffee & cake Early evening cocktail Evening food (from 7pm)

After 7pm: chitchat, conversation, good company and a cash bar.

This is a not-for-profit community event. Your ticket purchase helps us cover the costs like venue, catering, promotion etc.